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  ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation - IP Radios
Ang Dating Daan - IP Radios
ADTEL - TDM Radios
Advanced Contact Solutions, Inc. - PDH Multiplexers
Alcatel-Lucent Philippines, Inc. - Inverse Multiplexers
Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. (Bayantel) - TDM Radios
Broadband Philippines, Inc. - TDM Radios
Century Asia Corporation - TDM Radios
City Government of Naga - IP cameras and Wireless Communications
Conversance Systems Network, Inc. - E1 Modems
DOTC-TelOf/CPMO - Fiber Multiplexers
Datelco Global Communications, Inc. - E1 Modems
Datelcom Corporation - TDM Radios
Diagnostic Computer Center - IP Radios
Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (Digitel) - TDM Radios
EMC Computer Systems - Optical Media Converters
Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. - Services / Installation of MW Radios
IMAX Technologies, Inc. - TDM RAdios
LM United Telephone Co. Inc. - TDM RAdios
Marbel Telephone System - TDM RAdios
Metro Kidapawan Telephone Corp. - TDM Radios
Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) - IP Cameras | Networking and Video Solutions
National Transmission Corporations (NTC) - IP Radios / Telephone Line Extenders
Nesic Philippines Corp. - Inverse Multiplexers
Petronas Energy Philippines, Corp. - IP Radios
PEAK International (Asia) Ltd. - VOIP Phones
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation - IP Radios
Philcom Corporations - TDM Radios, Inverse Multiplexers, Converters, VOIP Gateways, Routers
RJEN Innovative IT Solutions - Media Converters
SMS Global Technologies Phils., Inc. - Broadband Routers
Trends and Technologies Phils., Inc. - Communication Antennas, UTP and RF Cables
Tricom System Phils., Inc. - TDM Radios
University of Perpetual Help System - IP Radios
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